The world is ending

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The world is ending

I apologize for the intensity… but really, don’t you feel like Apocalypse is coming?


I try not to be too dramatic and breath deeply before panicking, but lately I have the feeling that I’ll wake up, I’ll check my notifications and some app will let me know the poles already melted, that last night was an earthquake and that’s why I don’t have a roof or walls (my sleep is really heavy so it’s really possible that all around me collapse and I won’t notice) or that the feminicide/homicides/kidnapping rates have doubled up in Mexico.


We’re part of a generation that doesn’t amaze very easily, we grew up reading headlines with alarming cifres of people that just disappeared, like it was magic. One day they were gone and the next they were hanging from a light post or at the entrance of a school as a signal or next to another 30 bodies buried in the middle of nowhere.


The videos of endless garbage invading the ocean, the polluted foam on our rivers, the extinct species, Trump winning a presidency, any episode of the Simpsons seems like a probable reality.


The thing is, it’s awful losing the capacity of amazement right? One of the consequences of losing it, is starting to believe that everything is ok, it’s listening there’s a dead man or woman and thinking “oh, good, it was just one”. But from one at a time, how many are them? That one had a family, a job, his own joys and sorrows, emotions, a future, he had a life.


Yep, I’m being dramatic. But it’s terrible to watch everything that’s going on, and you know what’s even worst? To watch all of it and do nothing… that’s just a whole new level of horrible.


I’m not saying you´ll go and change the world in the blink of an eye, or that Gandhi and Mother Theresa from Calcutta is on your heart. Because the truth is, they´re not. But what if we share the picture of the missing girl, what if we stop using plastic, what if only from Monday to Friday we stop eating meat, what if we don’t try to buy the police, what if we help someone that suffers, what if we smile to that person cursing us on the traffic jam, what if we do it.


Because… from one at a time, how many are them? How many are we?