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Mottos for filmmaking

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#onlyasgoodasyourcrew #thethingyouforgettocheckfails #hazlochingon   I try to carry with me phrases or mottos acquired during my career and education, some of them embedded in me by whom I consider my early mentors Andrew Speller and Alan Bernstein; and, some others that I have added to my bag of tricks during my work as a DP […]

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The world is ending

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I apologize for the intensity… but really, don’t you feel like Apocalypse is coming?   I try not to be too dramatic and breath deeply before panicking, but lately I have the feeling that I’ll wake up, I’ll check my notifications and some app will let me know the poles already melted, that last night was […]

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New ways

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Little by little, as you read my articles on Mango’s blog, you’ll notice I have a musical obsession, fed by the frustrated musician inside me. I’ve always found an escape through music and all its elements, but it wasn’t until college that I found out that what I love most from this art are not […]

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Single Serving Awesome

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The other day, on a flight, I was carelessly counting the many times I’ve traveled by air.  I remember clearly the first one (and it wasn’t on a pterodactyl) when I was a child. I fought my brothers to sit over the window and I couldn’t stop watching down the whole trip. But I  didn’t […]

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What the eclipse brought…

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The temperature went down, the wind changed direction, animals modified their behaviour, gravity was different and we even lost weight (don’t get to excited, we got it back already). But maybe something else happened and we didn’t notice. In my view the eclipse energy is still here and I’m a little more distracted than usual, […]

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Looking for creativity?

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Did you think working in the creative field was easy? If you’re about to embark in this fun but sometimes hard road (many times due to the clients), I think you must know, that unlike a Doctor or a Civil Engineer, where profession develops based on books, stablished and proved processes, in creativity you can […]

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Working with animals

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And we talk about real animals.   A few months ago we had the opportunity to work making the visuals for a concert, there were a lot of ideas on the table but one of them included a snake. And even though I wished it was something we could fix on post, it wasn’t. We […]

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