15 Reasons why you DON´T want to be a Producer

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15 Reasons why you DON´T want to be a Producer

1. You won’t sleep much, first because you won’t have time and if you do, there will be so many things inside your head that won’t let you sleep, specially one day before shooting.

2. You’ll have something to do ALWAYS.

3. You’ll never stop serving coffee, or picking up the trash.

4. You will always be the “mother” of the whole crew: you’ll pay the bill of the meals, you’ll send everyone to bed if you’re in a foreign production, you’ll push people to deliver their tasks, their verification of expenditure etc.

5. Did you think you’ll never use math ever again? Excel will be your best friend and you´ll dream about numbers and budgets.

6. When you thought the director asked for the impossible, it can always get worse: “Do you remember the elephant I wanted for the shot? Now I need it painted in pink hanging from the ceiling, as it dances and I would love the rigging to go unnoticed”.

7. Gastritis and colitis: everyday… but in time you’ll learn that eating healthy and taking at least five minutes to eat are the basics if you love life.

8. You’ll always have to put down a fire, no matter how much you planned things, something out of your hands (or even in them) will come out of control. (Ex: the main model approved by the client with custom made clothing and a signed contract intoxicates the night before the shooting).

9. You’ll probably be the last to eat on a shooting.

10. You’ll spend long hours behind the computer on pre-production and on the shooting you’ll always be standing or running.

11. You’ll do a lot of audiovisual cross-fit carrying and moving things. (Ex. Boxes, coolers, tables, chairs, elephants, clients etc)

Run Val, run.

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12. The shooting plan always changes. (Ex. On the scouting you designed a place to host the client, you prepare everything at 6:00 A.M. and by 7:00 AM you have to move it because you’ll start with a different shot).

13. You’ll always be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Without question.

14. You’ll stop attending social events and you’ll cancel a lot of plans, because you’re in a rush all the time.

15. At the end of each project you’ll be tired, in pain and with dark circles but you’ll realize what you’re capable of doing with teamwork: making that script happen, and you’ll forget about your fatigue and you’ll be eager to begin the next one.